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Quebec Locks Down With Curfew…Like We Give To Our Children

Quebec going on curfew lockdown tonight… huge restrictions because people don’t care to stop this virus. Well now I’m mad! Will it take someone in your circle to die before you understand the seriousness of Covid? God forbid. Think about what you’re doing. Patients like my mother can’t get proper treatments in hospitals because of your lack of empathy. On top of it all, my visits to be close to her during her health struggle have been masked and by the door, without a kiss or hug I long to give her. For all the sacrifice she has done for me, why can’t I have the opportunity to even comfort her while she is ailing, weak, and fighting for her life. I just lost my Dad, I can’t lose her too. PLEASE HELP STOP COVID NOW! There is a world outside your gatherings and maskless, carefree living. People are suffering in ways you refuse to see. Don’t you care?

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Episode 14 Good Vibes All Around

Praying for a much better year for you and your family. May it be filled with health, happiness, and peace. Let those that are alone and that may be vulnerable to the virus know that you are thinking of them… call, send a gift, give love. Homemade goodies and treats are a great way to get to someone’s heart.

Happy 2021!

Episode 13: My Three Siblings

I am fortunate enough to have siblings… how can I thank them for the wonderful support they gave me throughout my cancer diagnosis, treatments, and even recovery. I love you Lisa, Mary, and Susie 💘

This week’s podcast, episode 13, My Three Siblings, is about telling them their baby sister had a life-threatening illness. How do you share dreadful news with your loved ones?