Round 2

I finally had to stop myself from reviewing and #editing my #memoir following the initial comments from my editor. It will soon be in her hands, and hopefully she’ll like the #changes I’ve made.

Do all #writers find it difficult to stop editing? Are we ever satisfied with what we write? I suppose the  need to keep fixing things is related to assuring ourselves that others will #love our stories. Perhaps fear of disappointment plays a role. I believe we should be #proud just because we accomplished something so remarkable. It is difficult to write a book. Let’s #celebrate!


Stepping #Stones

I’m getting more excited about finalizing my #memoir.  Following my #editor’s initial review, I’ve completed corrections and the restructuring process.

Part of the restructuring included letting go of my first #scene.  Well, not #trashing it, just moving it later in the #book.  Now, I’m loving the new #order, even though I loved what the initial scene offered the #reader.  I’m moving on and taking the #professional advice about writing my memoir more like a #novel.
I will be doing my third runthrough.  Hopefully, you’ll stick around and enjoy the #journey with me.  I need your #support to make the best book possible.
Have an amazing day!

Time To Do Your Part

Share your gifts with those who need it most.  Hope & Cope in #Montreal is always looking for new #volunteers.  I’ve been a #PeerMentor since 2006 and don’t wish to give it up.  Join us in giving the sick the companionship that will help them during #cancer #treatments.  Some patients don’t have any family, and your assistance will bring hope and help them cope.  You won’t regret it.  We can all do something… Click on the link below to sign up.

Volunteer Opportunities


The key to Hope & Cope’s success is the presence of 500 volunteers, 90% of whom have either had cancer themselves or cared for someone diagnosed with the disease or, in some cases, have been both a patient and a caregiver.

What these volunteers offer is the wisdom of the lived experience, which enables them to truly understand the concerns of patients and their families. Survivorship Day 2014 service with a smileSeeing volunteers who have survived cancer and are doing well is a source of inspiration and hope to many patients.

We are always looking for new volunteers. If you are caring, non-judgmental, a good listener and a team player, bilingual (English/French) or multi-lingual and are comfortable working with those who have cancer, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us at 514 340-8255.



A New Year, A New Task

I feel great getting back to #editing my #memoir after a hiatus from all the activity and a very bad cough and cold!  My #cancer story has become more healing to me than a bad memory probably because I #amwriting about it.  Hopefully, my energy level can keep up with my inspiration.  I’m working on my #nonfiction #book more consistently now, and I’m realizing how difficult it is for me to shift pieces of it around (as my editor recommended).  It’s actually more complex than #creating it from scratch.  So wish me well for the job ahead… I’ll be looking out for your #encouraging words!

At the same time, I wish you and your family the best year yet!  May it be full of glory, health, love, and success.

Be well,

Patricia #Rodi