An Introduction to Patricia

My passion for writing didn’t just surface now at the age of 46.  I’ve been writing since before my teenage years.  Poems, short stories, and a novel fill my files and now my USB key.  A simple girl from Montreal, Canada, my parents immigrated here by boat in 1961 from Pier 23 in Nova Scotia.  So many followed that path from Italy to find a better life.

After graduating high school, I wanted to work for a few months, then go to college to enhance my writing skills.  Well, I discovered that I loved working.  The paycheck was a bonus.  My application for the following January semester at Champlain College got tossed aside.

As I developed much experience in office environments, I decided I needed to expand my knowledge.  I completed an accounting degree in the evenings over a three-four-year period while I maintained steady work.  Previously, it had been one of the few areas of the corporate office I wasn’t as comfortable with, so the education gave me a confidence that helped me greatly when I helped run a small law firm.

My name is Patricia.  I have been married since October, 2000, and have a young teenage daughter.  My three sisters are all older than I am, and my loving parents are thankfully still with us.  I am grateful for all the love they have given me throughout a very trying decade.

Today, just over 11 years in remission, combining education and all my work and personal experience, I am ecstatic about getting my writing out in the marketplace.  My intention to write fiction is at the forefront of my mind, but I hope to inspire many families with my memoir about my experience with stomach cancer.

Please follow me and share my story.  I am an ordinary person wishing to help others deal with life-threatening illnesses.  I know living any journey with a great support system can help the most unfortunate find peace.  Let me help you… thank you so much for reading.

Be well,



Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a stranger, someone I detest, someone that is missing.  I find myself in a world of struggle, where I have no control and no boundaries.  Saddened by the negative effects cancer has brought me, I long for a full life just to better myself.

Growing up, I was a quiet girl, a private woman, and always kept to myself.  Writing was my sanctuary.  Although I never kept a diary, writing about anything else was my way to enjoy my simple life.  I certainly had many interesting experiences I could write about, but never courageous enough to put my private thoughts on paper (in this case, my first Blog).

In a large pot of broth, one tiny piece of carrot won’t flavour the soup.  So who am I to think anyone would even be interested in my little life.  God knows there are bigger stories out there.

I only read books when it was required in school.  I didn’t want to steal anyone’s style or ideas, even if unintentional.  Storylines kept filling my mind with specific scenes I had to expand into a short story or novel.  Plots and poems would want to jump onto pieces of paper or they wouldn’t let me be.  So it’s almost as though I didn’t have this choice.  I was drawn to writing at every point in my life.  Whether I felt good or not, writing was what my heart wanted me to do.

With all the “little” experiences in my life that often took me away from my passion, it was never forgotten.  In my eyes, it is who I am.  Although, not published, except for a poem I paid to see in a collection following a contest I didn’t win, I always considered myself a writer.  After all, we are writers if that’s what we do, not because someone pays us to do it.

Now after cancer, I want writing to be a career.

… this is an excerpt from a memoir I’m writing about having stomach cancer.  In my next post, I will introduce myself… I hope you find inspiration in my passages.