What the Hell?!

My husband and I walked out through the mahogany doors of our new home, trailed down the few steps, and headed straight for the car that was parked across the road.  Normally we’d park in the driveway, but it was occupied by workers.  We had moved in only a month and a half earlier and still had work to do in and around the newly constructed home.  Ignoring the men as we passed, the head bricklayer, whose team was putting up stones and bricks over the polyurethane that wrapped the exterior walls, was surprised by our inattentiveness.

He stopped my husband, “Don’t you like the work so far…”  I kept ahead and waited by the car, not realizing those brief moments my husband wasn’t behind me.

It was sunny and warm on that August morning – another pleasant day to be outdoors.  Incredibly, 2004 had a record high number of days when it was both sunny and wet on the same day – making them the rule rather than the exception.  Montreal had one hundred and twenty-eight days with some sunshine but only five without sun, yet more than half of those sunny days were wet.  During that cooler summer, the West Nile Virus that threatened us the year earlier due to excessive heat disappeared.  Water levels of the St. Lawrence River were about a half a meter higher than in 2003.

This late August day had clear skies and was warm all day – an exception.  I hoped it was a sign of good news to come.

“The job is fine.  It’s more… what we’re going through…”

“What’s wrong?”

“We’re going to the hospital to receive my wife’s pathology results.”  He continued to explain briefly about the stage we were in our investigation.

“My brother had Leukemia and came through.  Try to be hopeful.”


One night, several months before, I had a sore throat from a cold.  It was so irritated that it brought on vomiting.  What I saw next initiated a trail of events that changed my life.


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