What’s the Emergency?

We’ve all felt that trickling tickle in the throat – the one you can’t ever touch.  You want to scrape the skin at the base of your neck.  You drink a lot of water trying to soothe it.  You suck on medicated candy to numb it.  Even hot liquids only help for a few minutes.  And clearing your throat repeatedly just aggravates its return.  There are times the pain extends into the ear.  You try to touch deep inside with your pinky finger to scratch out what feels like an insect eating away at your eardrum.  Then the cough begins.  It’s soon after that vomiting sets in for me.

I ran to the washroom as the coughing became persistent, and I began to gag.  The vomiting, although it rids some of the mucus, brings on the burning feeling in your throat that will last for days.

I was certainly concerned by the colour in the toilet water.  The colour of the water didn’t change, but there was evidence of trouble.  Returning to the bedroom, I told my husband, who had just gone to bed, “I just vomited blood.”  Suddenly, the cold or virus I had been attending to didn’t seem important anymore.

“Don’t worry, you probably just burst a nerve.”

There was quite a bit of blood in the water.  I began to worry.  “No… that’s not normal for me.  It was bright red.  Something doesn’t feel right.”  I thought for a moment.  I’m not paranoid, but my instincts took over.  “I’ll call Info-Santé.”  The nurses on the hotline, available twenty-four hours a day, can try to assess a medical situation and make possible recommendations.

She asked me a series of questions about pain and stools.  I wasn’t sure what she was thinking it could be.  The only strange thing I could remember or think of was that about three weeks earlier I had pain in the area between my breasts, where the esophagus meets the stomach, after swallowing food.  I don’t even remember what I was eating.  The inexplicable minute or so was quite excruciating though.  It felt like whatever I had chewed and swallowed couldn’t pass.  But once the pain subsided, I didn’t think much about it.  “I did notice that yesterday or this morning, I don’t remember when… my stools, something I never gave attention to, were so dark they looked purple.”

“They were black,” she concluded.  “That means there was digested blood.  I believe you may be hemorrhaging, and advise you to go to the Emergency Room.”


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