Ignoring the Signs

How could this happen?  Years earlier, I did experience strange digestive issues.  Friends have told me that I had mentioned stomach problems.  Some of the complaints I talked about were bloating and pain, without being too explicit.  I also had constipation.  But so many people experience these discomforts.  These symptoms may be attributed to many things.

They also said my husband and I had often brought up recipes we had seen on the food channel.  I loved food and cooking.  Gourmet cooking was more interesting to me than Italian dishes because they expanded our meal possibilities.  I wanted to learn how to make every thing.

What stands out now is the time I was awakened by horrible abdominal cramping.  I went to the washroom, but became dizzied by the pain and the difficulty from excreting.  “Ma,” I managed a whisper to my mother before falling out of consciousness.  I must have hit my head on the bidet that was right next to the toilet, then fell on the ceramic floor, half undressed.  I still have no idea how much time went by before awakening, and stumbling over to my mother’s bedroom to let her know what had happened.

“I heard a bang, but didn’t think it was from inside the house.”  She sounded stoned from a deep sleep.

My black eye demanded an explanation to those with whom I came in contact.  It is funny when I think about that incident, but I hadn’t given it further concern.  Perhaps there was mention to my family doctor later on.  I really should start paying more attention to the signs!

Happy Woman’s Day to all the ladies around the globe!  Be strong, and continue to give love, for this Earth is nothing without you.



One thought on “Ignoring the Signs

  1. Lorraine Laniel

    Right you are Patricia. We overlook signs the body tries to tell us. Your blogs will prompt people to take the time to get checked out. Great choice of excerpt my friend.


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