Mom & Dad, I Have Cancer

Now came the difficult time of telling my family I had cancer.  They all knew about my appointment that day.  Until that moment, I had little concern about what they were feeling, but it wasn’t due to lack of sensitivity.  Having been withdrawn from my own sentiments, their emotions were not at the forefront of my mind.  Since tumours suggest cancer, had they struggled with that possibility all day?

So how the heck was I going to tell my parents their baby girl has stomach cancer, and would need a very risky operation?  Certainly, not with a phone call.

During the drive, I became methodical, and I put my resources to work immediately.  No one had to tell me what to do, nor did I have to ask, for some odd reason.  It was as though I had gone through this before, and my instincts took over.

I was in for the fight of my life, and I needed to know I was in the best of hands.  There didn’t seem to be any one within my circle who knew an expert in stomach cancer.  No immediate information was available for referrals or the disease itself, since I hadn’t known anyone who had this type of cancer.

What I did know was that the hospital that diagnosed me was not a cancer or research hospital.  So where would I go?  My best option was to ask every one I knew about getting a referral for a Gastric Surgeon.

I spoke with one of my employers, Lyanne, to give her the news.  We also discussed finding a surgeon in the field.  She would check with her sister, a hematologist, if she could refer me to a specialist.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have confidence in the surgeon that agreed to handle my case, but he was a general surgeon.  A specialist in this field of medicine would likely increase my chances, right?  I also believed post-op treatments should be done at the same institution, which I felt were better funded at a larger hospital.


Normally, I’d have an annual scan to check the status of my remission.  The last one was in June of 2014.  That’s over twenty months ago, and my surgeon’s secretary agreed that although there was a delay in the radiology department, they should have contacted me by now.  Well, yesterday I finally had the scan, and I “look forward” to hearing and posting great results. 

Sorry, especially to those close to me, if you didn’t know about the scan.  I try not to worry any one, and real-time postings are sometimes tricky.

Have a wonderful week!


One thought on “Mom & Dad, I Have Cancer

  1. Lorraine

    You uttered the words that no parent ever wants to hear coming out of their child’s mouth. May God shower your parents with many blessings but He has already granted them the best blessing of all: a healthy you!


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