Back To Work – Part 1

Plans for my future did change.  I had to concentrate on getting through the surgery and treatments, as well as prepare for a long absence from my life.  If you are busy with operations and treatments, there’s no time for derailment;  and, when you’re excessively sick throughout your treatments, then dealing with anything else in your life is almost impossible.  Getting through vomiting, pain, and sleepiness are your priority.  In my case, they took over my life for at least eight months;  and, that doesn’t include the months of investigation prior to diagnosis.  We have to allow ourselves that time to fight for our life – we deserve it.  But would I live to continue on where I left off?

Work kept me busy up until just a few days prior to surgery.  I was a corporate paralegal and office manager at Howard’s law firm prior to diagnosis.  Since I had previously handled many more positions there since inception, I became the go-to person, trainer and handler of our time-tracker software, and known to most of our corporate clients.

Was I using the time to stop myself from thinking about what was going on and what I was about to embark on?  I’m not one to leave things in a mess.  Clearing my desk and organizing my workload was necessary, so my clients wouldn’t call in a panic for expected documents, and my colleagues wouldn’t be stuck guessing what was going on in the file.

Pages of instructions were distributed amongst my colleagues.  Despite the noticeable cringes, I knew all my unfinished corporate files would be taken care of, and all my administrative duties handled until I returned.


Hope you’re spending a splendid evening with the ones you love.



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