Are You My Doctor?!

When my surgeon came to see me the day I checked into the hospital, I showed him my daughter’s pictures in the frame.  I pleaded, “Make me better for her.”

My surgeon worked miracles inside of me.  He saved my life and I am forever grateful, to say the least.  No words can describe how much he gave me, when there was little hope of survival.  As well as an amazing surgeon, he had a great bedside manner.  From all my encounters with him, I learned that he is strong, yet emotional, as all human beings should be.  These traits seem to translate into his important work.  You have to have the intellect, comprehension, and personality to be great.

I don’t believe doctors’ cold behaviour should be tolerated.  The doctor that told me to basically say my “goodbyes” is an example of what doctors shouldn’t be so abrupt about; especially, with patients having to deal with critical illness.  There is no excuse for them showing anger, and I don’t expect them to be inhumane or heartless.  Doctors are human, like the rest of us, and doing their job.  They should realize they are dealing with human beings, even though they are trying to keep their own sanity, when delivering such devastation.  I would never blame a doctor for not being able to save me, if I knew he cared enough to do his best.  Imagine what he has to live with, knowing he can’t save us all.

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