Funny Pictures

Susy tells me that she and my other sisters, Ralph, and my mother all went up to the chapel to pray during the morning.  That was touching for me, but I was saddened by the thought of their turmoil.  Mariano stayed behind.  Mariano is not that religious, but I imagine he stayed in the waiting room in case any one came out with information on the surgery.

Did the surgeon feel he should go out to see them following the investigation, to provide some assurance?  He must have realized how traumatizing the waiting was for the family.  Perhaps he really didn’t have the time to think about that, and time passed quickly for him.  Considering all he had on his plate during that time, I suppose the success of the operation was his first priority.

Lisa tells me they kept watching everyone who came out from the operating area, wondering whether my family would be approached.  They knew it would be devastating news if the surgeon came out early.  By noon, they were more relaxed, but still worried about the outcome.

Following several hours of anticipation, the surgeon emerged in his scrubs.  He approached Mariano, carrying a notepad and pen.  He loved to draw pictures.  For the layman, it was the only way to describe what he does.

My family surrounded him, watching and listening, as the surgeon provided details of the successful operation.  He explained that tumours were all over the bottom of the stomach as well – which we hadn’t known previously – so he had to remove the stomach in its entirety, as well as about one-third of the esophagus.  Only one cut on the front torso had to be made.  The initial plan to cut in the back as well was no longer necessary.  I was under the knife for eight hours, including the investigation time.


Following several months of abandoning my calcium, only in the last few days have I noticed much less pain at the site.  Maybe this medication was causing all the discomfort, but I’ll continue to monitor it.  I’ll also have to learn whether coffee is another culprit, but it isn’t clear yet.

I don’t think I’ll advance my appointment with the endocrinologist.  Any deficiency will show up in the bone scan I’m expected to pass before I see him next year.  The time off will determine its need.

Have an amazing day!  Patricia


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