What Light Through Yonder Window…

Later that evening, my husband’s brother, Mike, who’s since passed from cancer, and a friend of Susy’s came by the hospital.  As I opened my eyes again, Mariano and Mike stood quietly by my bed, staring, waiting for a sign of life.  I noticed my brother-in-law’s smile, only because he was showing teeth in the darkened room.  He was over six feet tall, fair-skinned, and with little hair on his head.

The light from the glass behind them helped me recognize the brothers’ silhouettes.  Having come from the same parents, you would never think they were siblings by their opposing features.  My husband seems to have taken most of his mother’s physical characteristics, and Mike, his father’s.

Mariano is about 5.6 with much more hair.  He didn’t play sports much, but tells me he occasionally did the street hockey thing and played soccer for a short time in his early teens.  I’ve seen him ice skate really well.  Mike loved golf, hockey, and hunting, taking trips into the wilderness for a week at a time.

Ralph recently explained that he, my mother and sisters were first at my bedside.  I don’t remember seeing them, but he said I was awake and had signalled two thumbs up to him.  Funny that now that I’m rereading this brings a glimpse of the sign I gave him.  Is this a memory or just a visualization of what he described?


Be well always.


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