Wow, Pain-Free!

The next day or so, I was in a more populated recovery area on another floor, where more than immediate family was allowed.  They finally pulled the tubes out of my body, leaving my throat on fire and my voice hoarse for several days.  I seem to remember complaining that the tubes were disturbing me.  There wasn’t any other pain.  The nurses made sure the epidural took care of all of it, before the feeling of pain ever had the chance to register in my brain.  I wouldn’t say it was easy, but so far, I felt things were only getting better.

Soon I had my first new visitors.  I can imagine family and friends were awaiting news about the surgery.  Having been in it, I honestly wasn’t thinking any one had it on their mind.  Not that I thought they were cruel, but I knew life went on for every one.  Surely their genuine concern would force them to inquire, and their love is truly treasured.

My (second) cousin, Nick, and his wife, Tanya, stood at the end of the bed.  What a sweet gesture, I thought.  Nick and I are the same age and somewhat grew up together.  Our mothers were close too, especially during their overlapping pregnancy.  Although as adults we had our own lives, we kept in touch.  Seeing him that day was very special and brought a smile to my face.

Claudia had told me that she called Gerry to let him know the operation went well – as I had asked her to do.  She told me he wanted to visit with me.  I was thrilled to see him for those few minutes, especially since he had a large part in connecting me with my surgeon through his cousin.  Several weeks later, he told me how happy he was that he had received that phone call.  He was feeling down the day Claudia called him.  Following his recent split with his wife, that day was the first wedding anniversary that they were apart.


When you need a little sunshine in your life, look to those that love you, appreciate you, and respect you.  There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for…

Be well, Patricia


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