Little Black Dress

Another uncomfortable moment I may have created was when I told Claudia and Mary that “there is a black lace dress in my closet that I love.”  Claudia and Mary were traumatized by my next words.  “If anything happens to me, I would like to be buried in it.”

“Stop thinking like that.  You’re going to be fine.”  Tears filled Mary’s eyes, reddened by sadness.

I do realize discussing your death is touchy, especially when you’re planning it yourself.  In what I see as inevitable, I’ve become realistic to the point where I would like to choose what I wear to eternity.  I have thought about my funeral a little.

Since my sisters spent much time with me at the hospital, they often got to know about the patients that shared my room.  Sharing stories with family members and patients, even some from other rooms along the aisle, was a great pastime for all visitors.

Patients were coming and going from the bed next to me.  Some were even in critical stages, but I had little idea of the goings on compared to my family, especially during the first week.


I’ve begun revamping my site layout.  Since I’m not an expert, please be patient as I attempt to better it over the next while.  Should you see something odd, please do not hesitate to let me know.  Rest assured, my posts will continue on Tuesdays, as usual.

Have a great day!



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