Here We Go Again

The time arrived when my treatments began again, and the routine of going to the hospital five days in a row became unbearable, especially that twenty-five consecutive radiation treatments to my torso were added.  Excluding weekends, I was at the hospital every day for over a month.

Radiation is cumulative, so I didn’t feel its effects right away.  But over time, the skin in the center of my torso began to burn – literally.  You could see the blackened skin flaking off, revealing reddened skin too sensitive to touch.  By then, I could barely stand on my own.  All the side effects from the chemo and the radiation coming simultaneously, forced me to hospital again for several days.

The chemo’s potency reduced a second time still proved too much for me.  I was at the hands of the doctors and their team.  They had to come up with a plan that would work for me – a recipe that intended to save my life.  Hopefully, the next session, that overlapped the last week of radiation, would be better tolerated with an even lesser dose.


I take this opportunity to wish every one a beautiful and safe holiday and a New Year filled with promise and peace.  May your hearts be full of love and your children close to you always. 

My next post will be on January 3, 2017, so stay tuned!

Be well,


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