Some Like It Hot…

Maintaining or gaining weight was all up to me.  What I could eat would be learned by trial and error.  Over time, reactions to foods would change.  I wasn’t gaining any weight, and it was tiring having to eat constantly.

I find that percolated coffee resembles dirty water, but I developed a taste for espresso – a drink I never took a liking to.  Not too many Italians will pass up the brew.  Although the aroma is pleasant, I still don’t always fancy the taste, unless it’s well sweetened, to remove the bitterness of the bean.

Now I’m up to a half-espresso from the cup my husband and I share.  He’s starting to make a second cup for himself.  “You were disappointed when we went out the first time, and I told you I didn’t drink coffee.  Now you want to take it away from me.”

We laugh.

My taste buds now cry for stronger sensations and flavours, but the patterns of likes and dislikes are ever-changing, so I’m always learning and adapting.  I adore caramelized onions and cooked onions in general;  whereas before, I push them to the side of my plate.  Even the bitter rapini greens are interesting to my palette.


Looking at the bright side of all the confusion with my eating habits, it is exciting to add new flavours to my menu.  We should all try new things – you never know what you’ll discover.





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