Running For Shelter

There are occasional nights that I awaken from an excessive burning in my esophagus – the heartburn I never had prior to the reconstruction surgery.  “Did I have too much chocolate?”

I can pretty much eat any thing I want any time of day – but there could be unpleasant consequences, without obvious consistency or reason.  If I choose a sweet dessert with lots of cream, I quickly learned that I could only have a small piece or to the washroom I would run.  Hot spices were never an appeal for me, so it’s easy to stay away from those.  French fries have to be a select few, since fried foods feel too heavy in my belly and limit other intake greatly.  Fried foods also make me feel a little sick, as though I’ve overeaten.  Forget the milk, the lactose intolerance will also give me the runs.  Using almond milk with cereal is the only option I’ve enjoyed so far.

If I have food that has been contaminated, only one half hour has to pass before I know it’s disturbing me.  Contamination wouldn’t be obvious, and I’ve also had bad experiences in the better restaurants.

My digestion begins immediately and is quicker than some one’s with a stomach.  “This is how I can judge a restaurant now.”  Certain sushi restaurants that I’ve eaten in prior to surgery are now off my list.  I can’t eat just any where.  But if I enjoyed the food, sometimes I’ll give it a second attempt.


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