Dumping Syndrome

No one warned me about the Dumping Syndrome.  In my case, loose stools two or three times after I wake up is the norm.  I think the urge actually wakes me up.

I continue to feel lower back discomfort until I’ve emptied my colon.  The light-coloured, floating stools must be liberated on demand.  This excretion contains all the nutrients and fat that I had taken in the previous day that won’t get absorbed – one of the negative aspects of not having a stomach.  It isn’t customary for me to discuss some thing so private, but I have no shame in the aftermath of stomach cancer.

Once I stopped taking iron supplements, up to three a day at some point, going to the washroom happened also throughout the day.  Iron causes constipation, so it was more difficult to go to the washroom regularly.  Some days I would skip one dose to avoid the feeling of fullness in my belly and colon.  Otherwise, it was a great relief emptying my bowels the next morning.  You know that feeling you get after you haven’t been in a few days?  Well, I get that daily.  If I miss my opportunity in the morning, I feel uncomfortable until the next day.  Now I experience similar effects with my calcium.


It’s Spring Break for me too!  So I’m taking this week to be with my family.  See you next week.  Enjoy your week…. sorry, but I meant to say that Spring Break is next week, so there will not be a post until March 14.  Have a great day!



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