A Tug And A Pull

So what will I do all day since I won’t be eating, working, cleaning, or even cooking?  I wouldn’t feel hungry in the morning because of the twelve hundred calories I had just received overnight.  It took a year and a half before I even recognized hunger.  After my surgeon removed my feeding tube, following an infection about eight months after the operation, I ate because I knew I had to keep up my weight, not because I felt like it.  Since it no longer felt natural to eat and I didn’t feel the need, it was rather difficult having to think about food.

One morning, during a regular visit by the nurse, she had told me I should go to the emergency to have the tube area checked because it was leaking a greenish-coloured liquid – a sign of infection.  It turned out that my surgeon was in the hospital that day, and he came to see me in the emergency room.  He asked if I wanted to return on Monday to have the tube removed, “Or I could do it now.”  I couldn’t tell whether it was a complicated procedure or some thing simple.

As he stood over me, I hesitated and looked toward Mariano.  “Well, how will you remove it?”  My inquisitive mind wanted to be in the know before I decided what I would do.

“I just take it out.”

“What about the hole?  Won’t it leak?”

“It will just close on its own.”

Amazingly, the body heals itself.

“…Ok.  Let’s do it now.  I don’t want to come back.”

Before I knew it, there was a burning feeling in my belly as soon as he pulled out the tube.  It’s a good thing he didn’t warn me before he yanked it out.  My muscles were much more relaxed not knowing what was coming.  I wasn’t expecting it to be done that second;  and, for it to be so quick and simple.


Have a wonderful day!  And thank you for continuing to read… 


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