Good For Her

Mornings and evenings were busier at the house.  My sister, Mary, would drop off her two-year-old son, Marco, for his day with Isabella and grandmother.  Sabrina, her older daughter, was already in elementary school.  My mother took care of Marco, while Mary managed two bank branches.  “How are you feeling today?”  Some images come to mind of her squatting by the couch where I sat all day.

Some days I could barely answer;  others, I was still in bed when she arrived.

My mother would hand my sister three or four buttered toasts in a napkin, and she would be off to work until late afternoon.  I barely remember seeing her come around, although she or her husband was there every weekday to drop off and pick up my nephew.

Marco always loved my daughter.  They are nine months apart, and he is always looking out for her.  Even when we’re shopping today, he’ll say, “Aunt Patricia, this would be really nice for Isabella.”

Knowing my possible fate, my long-awaited annual Christmas card letters to each niece and nephew usually include a caption, especially for Marco,  “I know you’ll always be there for Isabella as you grow up together.”

They are still very close.  Hopefully, their teenage years will not distance their relationship.  It hasn’t so far, but I do see a small awkwardness as they develop, but that could be only in my own mind.


As the days warm up after our usual long winters, may your days be bright, your mind right, and your health well.



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