Shop And Drop

On the weekends, one of my sisters or niece would take my mother grocery shopping.  Mariano never did the shopping in our house, except when he needed his ice cream or items for his lunch at the office.  But if my mother needed some thing during the week, my sister would drop it off on her way to work.

I never understood why my husband couldn’t get into that element.  Learning to buy groceries is not difficult, especially with a list.  Over the years, he’s picked up on some basics, but I’m not the woman to leave her grocery shopping to her husband.  And with reason… the first time I sent him for asparagus, they weren’t fresh.  Lesson learned.

There was a lot of activity in my house for those long months.  My mother-in-law would take the bus from her house almost each weekday to help my mom with the children.  She always reminds me of the warmer days when they would take Marco and Isabella for a walk by the river that is steps away.

I dreaded going outdoors.  Montreal is so cold in the winter, the lowest temperatures that year went to minus thirty degrees Celsius, with wind chill rendering them to minus fifty-two at one point.  With winter clothing that fit too loose because of my drastic weight loss, the freezing air tortured me.  More rain and melting snow caused rising water levels in the province.  But thankfully, 2005 experienced record sunshine.


Find comfort in the sunshine, in the snow, in the rain… they each offer some thing beautiful.


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