Pampered – Part 1

One day my sister, Susy, arranged for her hairdresser (who was also my hairdresser) and the esthetician to come to my house for some TLC.  My hair was so uneven that it needed a clean up immediately.  It felt good not having to go out, and avoided my having to explain to others what was going on with me.

I didn’t want any one to see the ugliness that was under my headkerchief.  Giuseppe cut it short and even, but I still hated it.  My face was so tiny and pale, so I still kept my hair covered because I don’t suit short hair – or balding.

Feeling unattractive became brutually characteristic during my treatments, but I really didn’t care to do much about it.  Buying a wig or putting makeup took energy, and I thought it was all fruitless any way.  It wasn’t like I was going any place special.  Enough trouble lay on figuring what to wear from a closet full of clothing several sizes bigger.  My size eight to ten wardrobe became useless, and I had to get some extra-small pieces, for when I had to leave the house for treatments.

My friends bought me a velour hoodie and pant set so I could be warm and comfortable.  There was no escaping the anorexic look though.  I learned to layer my clothing eventually, and avoid strapless tops in the summer, until I felt more confident with my body over ten years later.


With all the flooding across Canada, including in my province of Quebec, I just want to wish every one well.  Be safe and alert to warnings. 

As I drive along the Boulevard that runs along the water, and near my home in Montreal, there are quickly rising levels that are intimidating and can be dangerous.  Please be sure to keep your loved ones away from the edges, as there are currents in the water that can be devastating.


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