Pampered – Part 2

Fil, the esthetician waxed my legs on a towel on my bed.  During the treatments, my skin had become so sensitive that the wax fell too hot against my skin.  Even the pain that I usually tolerated seemed unbearable.

I had become accustomed to waxing myself, but I wasn’t able or willing to during that time.  Fil usually just took care of my eyebrows, but she did every thing for me that day.

She didn’t even want any money, but I insisted on a really good tip.  That was an amazingly sweet gesture on her part, and I never forgot it.  I’ve told her that I’ve spoken to my friends about how she went out of her way for me, and that she wouldn’t take any money.  Come to think of it, I don’t remember my hairdresser wanting to get paid either.  In any case, it was so nice to be taken care of like that to help me feel like a woman again.  The usual injection of medications had stolen my dignity, control, and confidence.


My mother could hear the shower as it turned off, so by the time I walked out in my towel she was there.  She could see how drained I was, and she started to dry my legs with another towel.  “Ouch!  Why are you rubbing so hard?”

She dried my lower legs and feet like she was trying to get rid of dirt.  It wasn’t funny then, but I am thankful she was there to help me get dressed.

I don’t remember whether it was my mother or me who would remove the fallen hair from the shower, but there was so much, it was traumatizing to see.


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