Grin And Bear It!

My mother often prepared soups for lunch.  One of Isabella’s favourite is still cut macaroni and broccoli.  Marco had begun staying away from fruits and vegetables altogether.  It was always a struggle to make him eat that family favourite, so my mother would try to leave out the broccoli.  Over a decade later, we’re still trying to get him to eat fruits and vegetables, but he seems healthy and is very strong.  God bless him.

There is a joke among us that when we would go to restaurants we could order one dish for Isabella and Marco to share.  Isabella would have the salad and vegetables and Marco the steak and potatoes.


Some of my relatives and friends came over to visit with me on occasion.  I would head back to the couch in the family room when I felt tired or ill.  The guests would stay in the dining room with my mother.  I could hear the conversations between them as I fell in and out of sleep.

No one kissed me during that period of treatments, I think.  We had learned that when my immune system is down, I could not fight germs.  Every one understood and respected the process.

It was always great to see people.  My mother also needed some time to change her routine, so the visitors were great for her too.

Instead of entertaining family and friends in my new home, they were here visiting me for my desperate attempt to fight cancer.  Though this time should have been the beginning of many shared moments in the home my husband and I built together, and where our daughter would grow up, it may well have been the last time I would see those that were so important to me.


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