Befriend Thy Neighbour

I didn’t have time to get to know any of my new neighbours, since we had just moved in, and the attention went straight to my prevailing health issues.  Certainly, I wasn’t in the mood to meet any one, and soon, didn’t feel I looked presentable anyway.  With over a decade having passed, I still feel like a stranger here, yet much serenity within this environment.  The neighbours are nice and we are each respectful of one another’s property and privacy.

We live in the first house on the street.  We share a fence with the corner house of the road perpendicular to ours.  That neighbour’s house faces the river that envelopes the city of Montreal.  We had a view of the river from the kitchen window and backyard for ten years, until the lot next to them was sold, and a house was put up soon after.

My neighbor was an older Italian couple who had built their house at the same time as we did.  We got to know them and learned that the husband was a landscaper.  He and his son shared work, and we asked them to take care of our house.  They lay down our stone walk and driveway, as well as all the grass around the house.  They also made a cement base to hold an eventual shed, a garden area, and a stone pavement for a gazebo.

When he knew of my illness, he and his wife came to visit with us and my parents.  They were always sweet to me.  She would bring me plants that she had rooted herself.  If her garden plants would grow through our shared fence, she insisted I keep the string beans that hung on my side.  Only a few years later, he died of cancer, and the wife moved out of the big house into an apartment not too far away.


I am pleased to report that following my annual scan last week, I am still clean twelve years later!  I have to believe in miracles, because there are no other explanations for this gift of life.

Have a wonderful day!



3 thoughts on “Befriend Thy Neighbour

  1. Mary Rodi

    We are very grateful that you continue getting excellent news. We love you and wish you a hundred more years. Your sister…..


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