Chilled To The Bone – Part 2

When I had just radiation on Mondays, Susy would give Mariano a break, and take me to the hospital herself, since it was her day off.  She would grant me the same assistance upon arrival at the hospital, by dropping me off and getting me into a wheelchair, and then go park her car.

A technician would already be waiting as I approached the quiet area of the third floor basement.  Open-aired with bare walls and sporadic stainless steel, it was so clean and tidy, even near the dressing rooms – a minimalistic vibe I enjoy.

Once my robe was on, I headed into the large room.  “It’s so cold in here.”  I don’t even remember what they replied, but it was always uncomfortably cold.  Thankfully, I was only in there for fifteen minutes.

As I lay on the cold metal bed, two women approached.  One helped me get comfortable with pillows under my head and knees, so I would stay put;  the other checked the markings on my torso, and would use her red marker to darken those that had faded.  They were quite friendly and accommodating, trying to lessen the dim experience.

Then the women went to the back room, and, as I lay still, the two plates that gave off the radiation circled my torso for several minutes.  Hopefully, it was burning off any cancer cells that the surgeon may have missed or that may have grown since the operation.


See you again next week!  Thanks for staying with me…



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