Getting To Know You

There was another moment in my dining room one evening, soon after my diagnosis.  My husband and I were finishing up with dinner.  Isabella had already eaten, and was playing in the living room that was open to the dining area.  She was oblivious to the horror that had entered our lives.  Thank Heaven!

Mariano and I were sharing our thoughts about how I could have been struck with this gastric cancer.  We were questioning the various health issues I had experienced in the recent past, attempting to piece together an explanation.  None of it made sense, but some circumstances should have been clear signs of potential trouble.

He reminded me of the time he had taken me to a park one Saturday afternoon, early in our dating phase.  Atop a small hill off the island of Montreal, we spent some time relaxing together.  It was beautifully green and tranquil all around us, and with the pretty view of Old Montreal across the river, you didn’t want to leave.

Mariano and I were getting to know one other through conversation.  He was thirty-five and I was twenty-nine, so we had a vested interest in the company we were sharing our time with.

Once early evening came around, I became famished.  I told him, “We should get something to eat.”  Well, Mariano is never in a rush to go anywhere – especially when he’s enjoying the scenery (and hopefully the company.)


Welcome 2018!  Welcome PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS.  To all of you, I wish you the very best for the new year and always!  Remember to laugh and enjoy every moment you can, appreciate all those in your life, and all that has been given to you.  Be kind, and love yourself too.  Wishing each of you the best of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 


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