The Will

What was I thinking when, during my last couple of days at work, I would attempt to write my Will.  My husband and I meant to take care of it for some time, but with my knee surgery, building our home, and having our daughter – all overlapping – the Will didn’t take precedence.  Who expected to need it anyway, so soon after being married?

Sitting in the food court eating my tray lunch, I made notes of my assets and how I wanted them divided amongst my family, set instructions regarding my daughter and who would become her legal guardian – who was I kidding?!  I had to stop writing because the tears kept rolling down my cheeks.  My eyes were probably bloodshot, so I was too embarrassed to look up from the paper.  This was necessary, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  The tiny napkins that were handed to me with my tray by the food kiosk, were drenched from tears and blowing my nose.

Had the people around me noticed I was crying?  Were they thinking I was saying goodbye to someone, or did they think I was just crazy?  I doubt they would think I was writing my Will and heading into the fight of my life.  Heart-wrenching emotion I couldn’t prevent from leaking out, so I was forced to put the notes aside.  Thinking clearly or being objective was impossible at that point.


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